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Allergan Canada

ALLERGAN CANADA  |  Advertising Collateral
Allergan Canada was established in 1964 and has grown to be a market leader in prescription and non-prescription eye care products. New product approvals in recent years have led to rapidly growing movement disorder and dermatological businesses as well.
Our Task: To design various advertising pieces such as a Calendar, Sell Sheet and Informative Product Booklet.

LUMIGAN therapy is thought to lower IOP by enhancing the outflow of aqueous humor, helping it to drain through two separate path ways out of the eye. This dual method of outflow makes LUMIGAN an effective therapy to lower IOP and help manage glaucoma.
Our Task: To design an informative brochure on Lumigan’s Glaucoma products.

GODIR (Glaucoma One Day Interactive Review) was a seminar held for Opthamologists to Educate them on up to date Glaucoma research, breakthroughs and medications.Our Task: To design an invitation letter to inform doctors of this research and seminar.